Key strengths

Nightingale Health’s management believes the company has several key strengths that create a competitive advantage.

Enabling preventative health

Chronic diseases are expected to cost up to USD 46 trillion between 2010 and 2030. To ease the strain on the healthcare system, it is essential to lower the number of people getting sick by predicting and preventing diseases. This not only improves quality of life but also reduces healthcare costs. Private and public healthcare providers and insurers are increasingly interested in the potential that preventative health services can offer to their patients and customers. At the same time, consumers are more interested in their health and wellbeing, which helps boost demand for preventative health services.

Nightingale Health is a pioneer in preventative health. Health solutions that apply its technology can identify individuals’ disease risks and guide healthcare professionals’ work to improve patient outcomes. The company's risk prediction models have been proven to be able to predict a variety of critical chronic diseases from a single blood sample and are taken into use in occupational health by Finland's largest private health care service provider.

Replacing routine health checks

The ability of Nightingale Health’s technology to identify the risks for several common diseases from a single sample in one test is a significant improvement compared to current risk assessments, which are conducted based on individual blood values, clinical examination, and patient interviews. By including Nightingale Health’s risk prediction models in regular health checks, health risks are identified well in advance, and healthcare professionals can target clinical interventions to prevent diseases.

Nightingale Health’s blood analysis technology can be integrated easily into the existing operating procedures of a healthcare provider, because risk predictions are provided from one standard blood sample. Nightingale Health delivers the results in an easy-to-understand format to healthcare professionals, who can act on them based on existing clinical guidelines.

One of the largest industries in the world as an addressable market

One of Nightingale Health’s target markets is the global healthcare industry, one of the world’s largest industries, which therefore serves as a substantial addressable market. The need for disease prevention is more urgent than ever, and Nightingale Health’s state-of-the-art health risk assessments are an optimal solution that can substitute existing health checks. The unique ability of Nightingale Health’s technology to conduct a multifaceted risk assessment for several diseases from a single blood sample enables it to replace traditional tests, such as cholesterol and glucose tests, which are currently used to assess disease risks. This unique ability to replace presently used tests ensures that Nightingale Health is strategically positioned to capture a substantial segment of this colossal industry.

In this extensive market, the value of Nightingale Health’s risk prediction models is heightened by the company’s ability to provide them at cost parity compared to currently used tests. The unsustainable healthcare costs in relation to GDP in many countries underline the urgency for Nightingale Health’s cutting-edge solutions in risk prediction and disease prevention. The company’s pioneering solutions are pivotal for reducing the immense financial burden on healthcare systems worldwide, particularly concerning diseases that are preventable through early detection and appropriate clinical interventions.

Technology with independent world-class validation and references

The effectiveness and advantages of Nightingale Health’s technology are well-documented in over 500 peer-reviewed scientific publications. Its notable benefits include high automation, fast scalability, superior reproducibility, and accuracy, all at a low price, underscoring its competitive edge in the market. The technology has achieved extensive international regulatory approvals and received ten patents, reinforcing the company’s strong market position against competitors.

The company’s extensive collaboration with prominent national biobanks, such as UK Biobank, the Estonian Biobank, and the Finnish National Biobank (THL), are instrumental in enhancing its risk prediction models. These alliances not only facilitate researchers’ access globally to pivotal biomarker data, but also enrich Nightingale Health’s technological advancements by utilizing comprehensive health outcome data stored within the biobanks.

Nightingale Health’s technology has reached commercial availability in Japan, a milestone achieved through an investment and a commercial partnership agreement with Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and its subsidiary, Welltus. In Finland, a strategic partnership with Terveystalo, the nation’s largest private health care service provider, has expanded to cover health checks in occupational health. These commercial partnerships are a tangible testament to the transformational capability of Nightingale Health’s technology from pure science to practical clinical application.