Code of Conduct

All employees of Nightingale Health are required to comply with the Code of Conduct which is approved by the Board of Directors. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to ensure that all employees of Nightingale Health follow shared basic ethical principles.

Nightingale Health's Code of Conduct describes generally approved practices and the company’s commitment to abiding by laws and regulations, among others the following areas.

Legal compliance

Nightingale Health complies with all laws, regulations and binding commitments applicable to its business. Nightingale Health's internal organisation is structured to meet the requirements of its Quality Management System certified according to EN ISO 13485. All employees are required to abide by valid legislation while conducting their professional duties in Finland or in other countries and the same is expected from Nightingale Health's business partners.

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies

Nightingale Health does not approve of bribery or corruption in any form. All corruption and bribery is forbidden with regard to Nightingale Health's operations. Nightingale Health and its employees, or third parties acting on Nightingale Health's behalf, must not promise, offer or give bribes or other illegal payments directly or indirectly to any authorities or other parties in order to facilitate the launch or continuation of business or for any other reason. Neither shall Nightingale Health and its employees, or third parties acting on Nightingale Health's behalf, request or accept bribes or any illegal payments. No employee of Nightingale Health, or third parties acting on Nightingale Health's behalf, shall be involved in any activities that would diminish confidence in Nightingale Health's impartiality or operational integrity.

Conflicts of interest

Nightingale and its employees avoid situations in which Nightingale’s and its employees’ interests are at odds. Employees should always act in the best interest of Nightingale Health and respect the rights of Nightingale’s customers. Nightingale Health's employees must not participate in business or other activities that may create a conflict of interest between the company and the employee or his or her related parties. All employees are obligated to openly reveal any possible conflicts of interest.


Nightingale Health's employees may gain confidential information concerning the business operations of Nightingale Health or its contractual partners. Confidentiality of information must be maintained at all times.

Employees must ensure that all confidential information remains undisclosed, regardless of whether the information has been received from Nightingale Health or from a party engaging in business operations with Nightingale Health. Disclosing such information is only allowed if express permission has been granted for its disclosure, or if a disclosure obligation exists based on legal provisions.

Data protection

Nightingale Health complies with the applicable data protection legislation that establishes the obligations for collecting, handling, processing, transferring and possessing personal data.

A justified reason as required by the applicable data protection laws and regulations must always exist for processing personal data. Personal data can only be collected and processed on legal grounds specified in the law in accordance with Nightingale Health's Privacy Policies and the agreements with its customers.

All Nightingale Health's employees must abide by Nightingale Health's Information Security and Data Protection Policies.

Ban on money laundering and related international sanctions

Each employee of Nightingale Health must comply with legislation related to preventing money laundering and financing of terrorism. No business operations must be engaged in with parties that are subjected to criminal prosecution or international sanctions.

Human rights

Nightingale Health respects and promotes human rights as they have been defined in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These rights include freedom of opinion, expression, religion, assembly and association, and the right to be free from any discrimination based on race, age, nationality, gender or sexual orientation.

Equal opportunities

Nightingale Health cherishes diversity and promotes the equal and consistent treatment of all employees in all areas of work regardless of the employee’s ethnic background, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status or other similar status protected under law.